“Martha has helped alleviate my headaches and various skin conditions including acne and persistent eczema. I have seen dramatic improvements in my health. I feel physically stronger. Martha has given me the gift of improvement and awareness of the impact that my choices have in my health and life.”

— C.C.

“I have been working on several issues – allergies, weight and tumors. I’ve noticed improvements over the 6 months we’ve been working together. Weight loss is the most obvious and my goal has been reached. I’ve nearly stopped my steroidal allergy meds, and rarely need it anymore. There has been shrinkage in one tumor that I can see and feel, others are internal and a recent CT scan shows that none of them are of any concern right now. All in all, it’s been an amazing 6 months! So much progress in such a short time!”

— C.P.

“I started seeing Martha in Nov 2013. I was having multiple respiratory attacks, night-time coughing and difficulty with consistent exercise. I was frustrated with my interrupted sleep and the amount of medication I needed. Now, 8 months later, I haven’t had any attacks or needed to consult my physicians for any medications. I am sleeping through the night without coughing attacks. I attribute the change in my health to the nutritional support I receive from Martha along with dietary changes – most specifically no dairy or soy.”

— A.K.

“I came to see Martha for G.I. complaints, fatigue and restless legs and other things. I am feeling better with the proper diet and supplements. I don’t know where I would be without Nutrition Response Testing.”

— P.R.

“Since coming to Martha, I have noticed an increase in energy levels, sharper brain functions, decreased joint and muscle pain and more emotional stability and my skin clearing up. I am grateful for Martha’s help transitioning to a more balanced diet and greater overall health through Nutrition Response Testing.”

— J.W.

“I came to Martha with issues such as migraines, insomnia and miscellaneous aches and pains. I am happy to say that I have not suffered from migraines or insomnia since the first few weeks of seeing her. Overall the new diet and supplements have had a positive impact on my overall health. I have never felt better! I recommend her to everyone that I know.”

— J.W.

“After years of feeling tired and uninspired by the latest fads, I came to Natural Life open and ready to learn. One year later I feel stronger and more energetic, that “foggy brain” feeling is gone. I feel empowered to take care of myself and my family. This has been a wonderful journey.”

— L.B.

“Prior to coming to Natural Life Consulting, LLC, I was fatigued, run-down and felt like my body was failing me one system at a time. Martha was compassionate, kind and willing to listen to problem-solve to make me feel better when nothing else made a difference. Her approach made me feel 100% better and I cannot express my gratitude enough.”

— S.M.