Whole Food Nutritional Supplements from Standard Process®

We use nutritional supplements that are produced using whole foods selected for their specific vitamin and mineral content. Standard Process grows their own plants organically in soil free of pesticides to ensure the highest vitamin and mineral content – and no chemicals. Soil analysis is performed before the seeds are sown to make sure of the soil fertility for the next crop.

The machinery involved in the processing of the plants is made of glass and stainless steel only so no plastic compounds can contaminate the food.

The temperature used in processing harvested plants is never raised above the point of 90 degrees Fahrenheit so that the active ingredients (vitamin complexes, enzymes and chelated minerals) are not cooked so they retain their intact nutritional components. Water and fiber are removed using a vacuum, low heat process. This concentrates the food, The concentrate is then pressed into tablets, put into brown or green bottles to prevent oxidation by light to increase the shelf life of the nutrients.

You can go to the Standard Process website: Standardprocess.com to read about particular supplements that we have chosen for you.

Nutrition Information Sources

In this section you will find information on the following subjects: General nutrition information, Fats and Cholesterol, Behavior and nutritional assistance, Stress Release and Exercise, Cell Phones and Radiation, Vaccines, Websites with Excellent Information

Food Related Topics:

General Nutrition Information

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Fats and Cholesterol

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  5. Link to fabulous article: Violent Behavior – A Solution in Plain Sight by Dr. Sylvia Onusic : http://www.westonaprice.org/uncategorized/violent-behavior-a-solution-in-plain-sight/
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Stress Release / Exercise

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Cell phones/ Radiation

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  3. Cell phone EMF Solutions


1. www.Vactruth.com lists many books on the subject

Websites with excellent information:

  1. www.westonaprice.org ; has an excellent journal: Wise Traditions
  2. www.price-pottenger.org
  3. www.ifnh.org
  4. www.nancyappleton.com
  5. www.seleneriverpress.com
  6. www.betterwaterquality.com
  7. www.mercola.com
  8. www.PPNF.ORG ; has a good journal: Journal of Health and Healing.

Water Related Topics

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