Nutrition Response TestingSM is a method to determine underlying causes of less than optimal health. It is a non-invasive technique and has been clinically proven for more than 40 years. The nervous system regulates all of the body organ functions and we painlessly test the neurological reflexes for muscles, glands, organs and joints. The reflexes are found by applying pressure to one of the strong peripheral muscles (such as the triceps muscle of the arm) and at specific superficial points which correspond to body organs. When a body organ is under stress, its corresponding superficial point, when pressed upon, creates a weaker muscle response. Based on the muscle testing analysis, an individualized nutritional supplement program using whole food supplements is designed for you.

Our body organs are constantly handling the normal stressors in our environment. As time goes on, we may begin to see symptoms of stress in some of these organs such as limping, gastrointestinal upsets (such as vomiting or diarrhea), heart murmurs, urination problems, behavior problems, skin rashes, etc. Then we may go to conventional doctors where medications are prescribed to improve how we feel. However, if those medications are discontinued, the symptoms return. This occurs because an underlying imbalance in the body is still there. We assist people with single health challenges or multiple health concerns. Some people see improvement in less than 6 weeks.

We first have to determine if a person can be helped with Nutrition Response TestingSM . If so, we will provide an analysis and develop a nutrition program designed specifically for the needs of the individual’s body..

We also provide up-to-date health education through our extensive lending library, up-to-date journal articles and summary handouts with reference lists. We answer questions about food, how the body works, types of exercise, other stress- relieving techniques and many health topics.

If you would like to see how NRTesting works, we have DVD’s at the office that demonstrate Nutrition Response Testing.