The Five Elements of Health

Raising the awareness and then making positive change in any one of these elements will improve overall health. This improvement will increase the ability to take another positive step in any one of the elements.

Physiology – What we are genetically born with? What are the tendencies we inherit from our family history?

Environment – Do we exercise? Do we sleep enough and well? Where do we work? What hours and days do we work each week? Do we have a long commute with heavy traffic? What are the natural, cultural and political influences on us? Do we have extracurricular pleasurable interests we pursue? Do we have family members we take care of?

Nutrition – Are we eating foods which can cause us problems? Are we getting enough nutrients to supply the “tools” we need to make daily repairs and support normal necessary functions? Nutrients can help “turn off” any “problem” genes and “turn on” normal genes. We use Nutrition Response TestingSM  to determine what nutrients are needed for each individual body.

Social – Do we have positive family connections? Do we have friends to talk to? Do we volunteer to help others?

Spiritual – Do we feel a connection to more than other human beings? For example, to animals, nature or to a higher positive power?