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Tuesday March 26, 2019
7 PM   Cost: $0  
No Bones About Bones! (Osteoporosis/Osteopenia) Speaker:
  Martha Lindsay MS CNE
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Please call 339-368-7551

And the next lecture will be on Tuesday April 16, 2019:
"Healthy Food for On-the-Go People Is Easy!".

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"I started seeing Martha in Nov 2013. I was having multiple respiratory attacks, night-time coughing and difficulty with consistent exercise. I was frustrated with my interrupted sleep and the amount of medication I needed. Now, 8 months later, I haven't had any attacks or needed to consult my ph....(read more)"
                       --- A.K.

Martha Lindsay MS, CNE, GAPS Certified

Our goal is to help you to be the healthiest that you can be!!

   Nutrition Response TestingSM is a method to determine underlying causes of less than optimal health. It is a non-invasive technique and has been clinically proven for more than 40 years. The nervous system regulates all of the body organ functions and we painlessly test the neurological reflexes for muscles, glands, organs and joints.

Often people come to us when conventional treatments have not helped enough. Others come because they would like to try nutritional improvement first before using conventional medication. We assist people with single health challenges or multiple health concerns. Some people see improvement in less than 6 weeks.

We first have to determine if a person can be helped with Nutrition Response Testing. If so, we will first provide an analysis and develop a nutrition program designed specifically for the needs of your body. Sometimes food changes are recommended as well. We provide whole food nutrition products to supply the specific nutrition you need for your program, We also provide up-to-date health education through our extensive lending library, up-to-date journal articles and summary handouts with reference lists for those wishing to read shorter versions. We answer questions about food, how the body works, types of exercise, other stress- relieving techniques and other health topics.

If you have a specific health issue you wish to discuss, please call our office number and leave your name and phone numbers. We WILL return your call.


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